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Yorkies, Yorkie Puppies and Biewer (Yorkshire) Terrier Breeder

Teglarrani Yorkies are proud Yorkshire Terrier Breeders located in Pretoria offering beautiful Yorkie Puppies, and now also Biewer (Yorkshire) Terriers for sale. It all started back in 1988 when I begged my mother for a dog and she announced, very confident that her house shall remain dog free, that I can get a dog provided that it fits into a cup.

So off I went to the library. And on the first page of a book about dogs I came across the smallest dog in the world: the Yorkshire Terrier. In 1988 the Yorkshire Terrier was still a rare breed in South Africa and after some intensive searching I found a male puppy in Cape Town available for the incredibly expensive price of R400.

Yorkie was a son of the well known Champion Stornoway Dougal and a direct descendent of Champion Ozmilion Hearts of Delight. Soon he was joined by Penny, our beloved little girl, direct descendent of English Champion Chantmarles Best Intentions. Together these two changed my live forever. The rest, as they say, is history.

Today a pack of Yorkies are kind enough to share their house with me and my husband. All our Yorkies are much loved family pets and you will find only home-raised Yorkie puppies at Teglarrani Yorkies – no kennel breeding is practiced. I breed under the kennel name Teglarrani.

I met the Biewer (Yorkshire) Terrier for the first time during 2007. I was dazzled by the beauty of the Biewer Yorkie and was blessed to be involved in introducing this breed to South Africa.

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Fun Facts About Yorkies

In 1944, during the World War II, a 1.8 kg Yorkie girl was found in the jungle in New Guinea near Japanese lines. She did not understand English or Japanese and was never claimed. Named Smokey, she accompanied American William Wynne on 150 air raids and 12 air-sea rescue missions.

She assisted the Signal Corps by carrying a telegraph wire through a 21m, 20cm diameter pipe. Smokey even jumped from a 9m tower with a specially made parachute. Our greatest desire is to breed Yorkies that will do the memory of Smokey proud.

Read all about Smokey in Yorkie Doodle Dandy.